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Every winter, I was searching you in the piece of snow on the pine.
Every autumn, I cried with you when the trees started to whine.
Every spring, My hopes bloomed with the flowers but I was quite.
Every summer beneath the rain, my heart was drinking wine.
I dont know what does time means,
I didnt ask why the grass is green,
I lived you when I touched to ocean,
You were so pure, I heared your chant so clean.
Thousand years ago, people was searching the lost treasures, after byzantine.
I saw lots of city ruined, just because of greed, they lived apocalypse.
I read the stories, people weren't pure,
I understood the love was the treasure.
Thats why my travel was into deepest waters with the submarine.
I was trying to reach you under the aquamarine.
Your soul was so pure, you were so sincere,
You were my heart special, you were the one.
I understood, Also You were living with me before sixteen.
Anymore our eyes started to shine.
On my heart I saw your sign.
I started to write with you that myth, you are my divine
You are my inspirition, my wife, my lovely rhyme.
From the begining, you are the treasure of mine.
From the begining, you are The Queen of Love.

Sculptor: Antonio Canova
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October 24, 2005
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